Case Managers

Accelerate your case closures by building a case management team at iFive. We are here to deploy the right team of case managers for your business.

Optimize Client Services

iFive case managers can help optimize client services so that your caseloads are managed appropriately. They effectively navigate caseloads through the Social Security Disability process. This includes gathering and submitting any pertinent information for disability review and providing regular SSA status updates. They oversee the case management process by organizing and maintaining caseload requirements, timelines as well as keeping your client updated on the progress of their case.

Additional areas in which a case manager can assist you:


Introduce clients to the process and outline expectations


Collect information relating to claims and update SSA on new information


Keep clients’ files updated and organized in your CRM


Read through and update clients on any mail received on cases


Submit Medical Records when applicable


Make all attempts to get in contact with clients utilizing all communication methods email, voicemail, text


Answer all client/SSA calls and questions about the case


Complete appeals in a timely manner, ensuring statute dates are not missed


Call SSA for updates on claim and status


Maintain a task list and ensure all tasks are up to the current date


Review cases to be sent for potential close

iFive’s case managers will help you drive revenue for your growing business.

We understand the importance of the relationship between your client and your firm and ensure all candidates are organized, efficient, have excellent customer service skills and are able handle difficult questions.

With outsourcing the case manager role, you can save a significant amount of money, making this a very cost-effective strategy.

Outsourcing your case management team to iFive
is ideal, for a number of reasons.


The Philippines’ commitment to English-based education means that the country produces thousands of English-speaking college graduates every year, making Manila the largest region in the world for outsourcing. Through proficiency in voice services, email and chat communications and an incredibly hospitable and friendly culture, the Philippines remains the premier destination for sophisticated contact center teams.


Filipino culture is renowned for friendliness, empathy, creativity, and hospitality. This culture has driven many of the largest Fortune 1000 companies to host their service organizations in the Philippines, which speaks to the talent and skill that is readily available to your iFive team. The iFive team in the Philippines will bring an added warmth and empathetic touch to ensure smooth and harmonious business operations.

Ready to find out what partnering with iFive can do for you?

Request a quote or additional information so you can make the best decision for your law firm.

Here’s How to Get Started!


Get in touch with our Business Development team to discuss your outsourcing needs. Once the contract is signed and you complete your detailed onboarding survey, your account manager will reach out to you to begin the on boarding process.


We’ll help you create customized solutions - from understanding your pain points to defining your hiring requirements and KPIs. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure the training you provide will help your staff increase their speed to proficiency.

Step 3: ENGAGE

Our expert Talent Acquisition team will vet the best candidates for your business based on your specific requirements. Your offshore team should fit in with your company culture as if they were working onshore.


We will support you along the way providing you with guidance on how to best set up and manage your offshore team. Your account manager will provide monthly business reviews to make sure your team is on track.

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