Back Office

Boost efficiency with a fully integrated back office support at iFive. We’ll help you deliver seamless, efficient, and consistent back office support to your customers.

Your Philippine Outsourcing Partner

Through iFive, your Philippine outsourcing partner, your organization can realize the same benefits as those in the Fortune 1000 by identifying those tasks and processes that can be refined, expanded, and executed in the Philippines by your dedicated team.

Fortune 1000 companies learned years ago that strategic outsourcing of critical back-office processes improves profitability, scalability, service quality, and customer satisfaction. They have found that outsourcing transactional tasks are now a competitive necessity, with these large corporations providing offshore business opportunity for millions of workers around the world.

We specialize in producing high-performance back-office teams.

iFive specializes in providing support teams that bring talent and skill to a number of critical disciplines:


Behind every great website or app is a dedicated back-office team supporting users and customers. Tasks like order processing, product photo labeling, medical e-filling, data entry, and invoice processing are natural back-office tasks that are designed for offshore deployment. We’ll help you deploy a dedicated back office team.


Utilizing your iFive team to support your accounting operations makes so much sense when skilled staff with expertise in bookkeeping, audit support, AP/AR and payroll are readily available and ready to go. Your iFive team ensures that all your essential financial statements are up to date, organized and easily deployed.

Human Resources

The challenging US job market means that HR teams around the country are having to intake, screen and review more applications than ever to find the perfect match. The scale of HR operations in the Philippines means that there is deep talent available to support your recruiting, sourcing and HR operations.


With the maturity of the sales automation trends of the late 2010s, sales-driven organizations are being forced to be more strategic with their marketing strategies which led to a rise in tactical market research. As an iFive specialty, skilled lead qualification and research agents can be added and deployed quickly to your growing team.

Data Capture

Many companies create and consume large amounts of data to support their business operations. Your iFive team can quickly add skilled staff in data capture, providing capacity to support diverse data entry requirements like legal entry, research entry, manuscript processing, medical document entry, and conversion of handwritten documents.

Our Larger Principle: Business Intelligence


Aside from the cost benefits of outsourcing your back-office tasks, there is a larger principle at work: business intelligence. With iFive’s depth of knowledge in supporting companies of all shapes, sizes and industries in a broad range of capacities, we have developed a rich support structure of process improvement.

iFive brings the principles of Six-Sigma and Lean into our process review structure, which is designed to support our customers ongoing improvement initiatives by increasing efficiency and consistency of outcome. Our commitment to continuous improvement provides a long-term organizational benefit beyond just the labor cost reductions.

iFive’s team of experts will help grow your business.

Back-office teams at iFive operate within a culture of performance that combines training, people management, performance management and quality outcomes that deliver the reliable back-office operations that will power your organization forward.

Through our emphasis on tactical recruiting, dynamic training, and commitment to leadership development, iFive can deliver you a compelling value proposition for moving your back-office tasks.

Here’s How to Get Started!

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Get in touch with our Business Development team to discuss your outsourcing needs. Once the contract is signed and you complete your detailed onboarding survey, your account manager will reach out to you to begin the on boarding process.

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We’ll help you create customized solutions - from understanding your pain points to defining your hiring requirements and KPIs. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure the training you provide will help your staff increase their speed to proficiency.

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Step 3: ENGAGE

Our expert Talent Acquisition team will vet the best candidates for your business based on your specific requirements. Your offshore team should fit in with your company culture as if they were working onshore.

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We will support you along the way providing you with guidance on how to best set up and manage your offshore team. Your account manager will provide monthly business reviews to make sure your team is on track.

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