Full-service staffing for law firms

iFive offers talented teams to fully support your legal office. From intake specialists to customer service representatives, we’ve got all your staffing needs covered.

Customizable teams with exceptional talent

We build one-of-a-kind teams of experienced professionals, vetted and selected to match your law firm’s unique needs.

Case Managers

iFive case managers provide full-spectrum client services. From communicating with clients to liaising with external agencies, case managers speed up case closures by expertly navigating cases, staying on top of deadlines, and troubleshooting any challenges that come up.

Intake Specialists

iFive intake specialists turn leads into signed clients. Whether you need to stay on top of high-volume inbound inquiries or reach out to prospects efficiently, our intake specialists can vet potential clients, document all information accurately, and promote your firm’s services.

Customer Service

iFive customer service representatives nurture positive client relationships. Trained to expertly navigate each touchpoint of the client journey, our representatives answer questions, resolve complaints, and provide excellent experiences to boost client satisfaction and retention rates.

Virtual Assistants

iFive virtual assistants fulfill your law firm’s administrative tasks. From managing databases to conducting research to publishing social media updates, our assistants can take care of all routine business needs to boost your firm’s efficiency and productivity.

Virtual Receptionists

iFive virtual receptionists serve as your law firm’s first line of administrative support by answering phones, organizing meetings, making travel plans, and more. Matched to a single law firm, each receptionist has a unique understanding of your business and clientele.

Back Office Support

From bookkeeping to data entry, iFive back office support teams take care of key processes that keep your law firm running smoothly. With specialists in ecommerce, finance, human resources, and marketing, iFive offers fully-integrated teams to deliver seamless business support.