A new standard for legal staffing

Great lawyers need great administrative staff. Build or grow your legal support team with iFive.

Offshore staffing, reimagined

Get your law firm the full spectrum support it needs — without raising labor costs.

Working with iFive, our client law firms have been able to increase their cases wanted, signed retainers, and have seen real-time management of their caseloads. This increased the efficiency rate for the firm and translated to a faster submission to courts.


According to industry experts, job postings for professionals in law firms are at an all-time high.

  • Labor expenses for support staff are skyrocketing
  • Inflationary pressures are driving up the costs of practicing law
  • More than half of lawyers work remotely on flexible schedules


We offer quality support teams at competitive labor costs.

Our skilled teams can manage all back office needs, from customer service and case management to lead generation

Our team members work around the clock, providing 24-7 support

Our offshore partnership saves law firms labor, real estate, and technology costs

Our high-tech office meets all legal security and reliability needs


Superior support with measurable results

  • iFive leads to an average of 4.56 Google satisfaction ratings
  • iFive leads to 30% higher conversion rates for law firms
  • iFive leads to up to 60% cost savings
  • iFive leads to full staffed teams

Bring the future of legal support to your law firm.