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Scale faster with customer service solutions that deliver the right service at the right channel. iFive lets you focus on your business while we deliver exceptional service to your customers.

A High-Performance Customer Service Team in the Philippines

iFive delivers a compelling value proposition for hosting your multi-channel customer service teams. iFive helps companies build a cohesive customer experience with a streamlined omnichannel customer support system that improves overall customer satisfaction. We strive to improve our client’s customer journey at every touchpoint with effective and efficient customer service support that builds a positive customer experience.

Scale up quickly while we take care of your customers

Customer service is a critical element of any service organization’s relationship with their consumer. Tasked with helping customers resolve complaints or questions about products and services, competent and reliable customer service support is the backbone of any company’s service philosophy.

Launched in the mid-1990s, the contact center industry in the Philippines took some time to mature – but when it did, the industry exploded. By 2020, cumulative revenue in the contact center industry made up US$30 Billion, or nearly 10% of the Philippines’ gross domestic product.

Western companies identified the Philippines as an ideal location for their multi-channel customer service teams, for a number of reasons:


With its English-based education, Manila has become the largest region in the world for contact center operations. Through proficiency in voice services, email and chat communications and incredibly hospitable and friendly culture, the Philippines remains the premier destination for sophisticated contact center teams.


The Philippines, and Metro Manila in particular, has a world-class infrastructure to support 24/7 contact center operations. With a young and agile workforce, data center grade delivery centers, and redundant power and internet, the Philippines is a wise destination to support your customer service initiatives.


Filipino culture is renowned for friendliness, empathy, creativity and hospitality. This culture has driven many of the largest Fortune 1000 companies to host their service organizations in the Philippines. Our world-renowned Filipino hospitality can be seen in the talent and skill that is readily available in your iFive team. 

Your customer service team should be driving your business goals.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

CSAT is typically one of the primary KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of a customer service organization, and your customer service team should move your organization toward this goal.


Reduce Cost

Improving margins through the intelligent deployment of your iFive customer service team drives financial goals while aligning with a customer-focused mission.


Increase Quality

The quality of the customer service response goes a long way toward improving your CSAT score, which speaks to your ability to hire and retain outstanding customer service talent.


Delight the customer

In an ultra-competitive business environment, the ability to go above and beyond – to “WOW” your customer – is crucial to brand loyalty.

Critical Customer Service Disciplines

iFive specializes in producing high performance customer service teams that bring friendliness, talent and skill to a number of critical customer service disciplines.


Supporting customer operations around varied types of eCommerce companies, iFive contact center teams can be built to supply order support, return processing, and chat support for your business operations.

Technical Support

A live omnichannel app and technology support is a crucial component in connecting customers with your app or product. iFive can bring skilled technical support staff to your team quickly and efficiently.

Service Support

Service organizations, like payroll processors, employee benefits plans, insurance and medical claims processors, cloud service providers and managed security providers all need a live customer service support layer.

Here’s How to Get Started!


Get in touch with our Business Development team to discuss your outsourcing needs. Once the contract is signed and you complete your detailed onboarding survey, your account manager will reach out to you to begin the on boarding process.

customer service staffing agency


We’ll help you create customized solutions - from understanding your pain points to defining your hiring requirements and KPIs. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure the training you provide will help your staff increase their speed to proficiency.

customer service staffing agency

Step 3: ENGAGE

Our expert Talent Acquisition team will vet the best candidates for your business based on your specific requirements. Your offshore team should fit in with your company culture as if they were working onshore.

customer service staffing agency


We will support you along the way providing you with guidance on how to best set up and manage your offshore team. Your account manager will provide monthly business reviews to make sure your team is on track.

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