Intake Specialist

Get quicker results with lasting impact from our reliable intake specialists. iFive’s intake specialists are ready to turn leads into signed retainers, allowing you to accelerate the growth of your practice and focus on what you do best.

Drive Your Business Forward

iFive’s intake services employ specialized staff to help firms respond to clients exactly when they make contact. Our team can help you focus on doing your main business instead of constantly answering incoming calls.

Would you like to cut costs, improve services, and boost efficiency?

Consider offshoring your intake services to iFive.

iFive provides high-quality intake specialists for law firms and advocacy companies with professional services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you never miss out on a potential client. Whether you purchase leads or advertise through social media, television or radio, a well-staffed firm can have trouble keeping up with the sheer volume.

Having a capable intake department ensures that your team is freed up to concentrate on cases that drive your business while your iFive intake team handles the calls and provides you with qualified leads.

Our agents can handle inbound or outbound calls. They will properly screen the clients utilizing your CRM and gather the necessary information to complete the intake/screening process. They are a seamless extension of your office using your scripts based on your firm’s intake criteria.

Roles of an Intake Specialist


Contact prospects and complete case evaluations, qualifying them using your Customer Management System (CRM) or Lead Management System (LMS) following your specific acceptance criteria


Explain Social Security Disability and/or VA eligibility, Workman’s Compensation benefits and the firm’s requirements, expectations and standards


Positively promote and sell the benefits of using the firms’ services to all prospects


Accurately document all contact with prospects, enter all information and outcomes in accordance with your policies and procedures

Deploy the right team of Intake Specialists with iFive

Robust Reporting

Robust Reporting

iFive provides robust reporting we provide you at no extra cost. We will also work with you to design metrics for your intake specialist so that your team is delivering the results you want. Some of the areas we track are average handle time, number of applications completed, how many signed retainers, number of inbound and outbound calls as well as which sources generate the most signed retainers.

High-Performance Team

iFive specializes in building a high-performance team in collaboration with your firm. Your team is 100% dedicated to you and not shared across multiple firms. We will tailor your team to fit the functional requirements of your business and provide you with high-quality talent at a substantially lower cost. We provide the training and resources that are tailored to help you flourish in your business.

State-of-the Art Facility

Our legal intake specialists are in a state-of-the-art facility in Quezon City, Metro Manila. We are an American owned company who has served as a trusted partner of law firms in the US. You can work closely with our team in Manila to evaluate prospective client inquiries, set appointments for potential clients to keep schedules up-to-date and help you grow your caseloads and improve operational efficiency.

Here’s How to Get Started!

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Get in touch with our Business Development team to discuss your outsourcing needs. Once the contract is signed and you complete your detailed onboarding survey, your account manager will reach out to you to begin the on boarding process.

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We’ll help you create customized solutions - from understanding your pain points to defining your hiring requirements and KPIs. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure the training you provide will help your staff increase their speed to proficiency.

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Step 3: ENGAGE

Our expert Talent Acquisition team will vet the best candidates for your business based on your specific requirements. Your offshore team should fit in with your company culture as if they were working onshore.

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We will support you along the way providing you with guidance on how to best set up and manage your offshore team. Your account manager will provide monthly business reviews to make sure your team is on track.

iFive is ready to help you outperform your competitors, enhance agility and boost performance of your intake team.

iFive is designed to deliver measurable business results without large investments or fixed overhead for your firm. Take your business to the next level by utilizing agents who are dedicated to delivering a consistent, high-quality experience that are performance driven.

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