Decreasing demand, shrinking profits, and escalating costs have created a challenging climate for law firms, a recent industry report warned. Legal outsourcing is a growing trend and a compelling strategy that many innovative firms have adopted, one that allows firms to streamline operations by delegating routine tasks, enabling their skilled attorneys to focus on high-value legal work.

The many significant advantages to legal outsourcing have been well-documented. The key is to find the right outsourcing partner – one that values quality and employee development.

Not All Legal Outsourcing Firms Are Created Equally

At iFive Global, we’ve unlocked the secret to consistently providing top-notch support to our clients.
We invest in our employees. This commitment to our internal team has substantial quality ripple effects for our law firm partners.

Providing Customized Teams That Deliver

You know the legal support outsourcing roles: legal staffing, case management, intake specialist, customer service, virtual assistant, and back-office. It’s not enough, though, to just have anyone in these important roles.

The iFive Global talent acquisition team works to find the right fit for your firm. From recruiting to talent selection to oversight on training and compliance, iFive Global handles it all. Then once your support team is in place, the iFive Global client engagement team helps with payroll, human resources, recruitment, and assists you with building out your KPIs and scorecards for your team.

The outsourcing partner trusted by leading law firms.


Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning

Continuous learning and development are essential for both offshore team members’ growth and the firm’s advancement. While firms are responsible for the training around the day-to-day responsibilities of their offshore team members, iFive Global recognizes the value of enabling employees to perform to their top potential and has the training programs in place to support ongoing professional development. These programs can cover technology adoption, compliance courses, like data privacy and HIPPA, and soft skills, ensuring that employees remain up to date and competent.

Diverse and Inclusive Organizations Attract Top Talent

Outsourcing partners that place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion practices can provide a significant competitive advantage for law firms seeking the right team to partner with. Such firms are highly attractive to top-tier candidates, creating a pool of skilled professionals who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table. This not only enriches the quality of legal support services but also fosters innovative problem-solving and adaptability.

iFive Global achieves this by embracing the human interests and individuality of their team members, appreciating and offering unwavering support to the LGBTQIA+ community. Their commitment to representation and fair treatment ensures that their workforce is not only diverse, but also treated with respect and dignity, ultimately translating into superior service for their clients.

Getting the Best Version of Your Team Members

When selecting which legal outsourcing partner to work with, your firm should consider the corporate culture and benefits that your offshore team members are privy to. Offshore legal outsourcing organizations who take good care of their employees will experience higher rates of retention and heightened productivity.

In any profession, the potential for burnout is a pervasive concern, but iFive Global takes proactive steps to actively prevent employee burnout through robust mental health resources, including access to one-on-one counselling, as needed, and a robust library of mental health articles and resources.

In general, the Philippines has a strong reputation for prioritizing mental wellness (78% of residents rate their mental health as good, very good, or excellent). iFive Global is pleased to go a step beyond by ensuring their employees have access to essential tools and assistance for managing stress and maintaining their well-being. The benefit for their law firm partners is that they get to work with the best version of each employee every day.

The Legal Outsourcing Partner That Checks All the Right Boxes

Quality truly does begin within. By going above and beyond in prioritizing the employment experience of their staff members, iFive Global has built a reliable and dedicated team of skilled professionals, making them the go-to legal outsourcing partner for U.S. law firms. Your firm can be reassured in the knowledge that their valued offshore team is happy, healthy, and working as productively as possible to help you grow your business.

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