Save up to70% on staffing costs

Grow your profits, not your overhead

We’ve got some bud-tastic news for you! Are you ready to elevate your cannabis business to new heights while keeping your expenses as chill as a well-cured indica strain?

Look no further, because iFive Global is here to help you roll in the profits without breaking the bank.

Ready to assemble your own squad of cannabis enthusiasts? Let’s roll!


Like Fast-Growing Strains, 
We Fast-Track Your Team’s Growth

Building a team from scratch? Too slow and pricey! iFive Global helps you sprout a fully-fledged team faster than your plants can bloom.


Save Your Greens

Save up to 70% on staffing costs. With iFive Global, you’re not just saving money, you’re investing in services like HR, payroll, recruitment, workspace, IT support, and employee benefits for maximum value.


Customized Support 
for Your Cannabis Businesses

At iFive Global, we’re not just building teams; we’re curating a cannabis dream squad. Whether you need administrative heroes or back-office champions, we’ve got the talent


Fort Knox for Your Data

Our offices are like vaults for your sensitive info. Top-level security, including James Bond stuff like biometric access and CCTV to keep your data safe. We also maintain redundant power and back up ISP providers, ensuring zero downtime for our clients.


High Performance for High Stakes

Aim high and hit higher with a team that propels customer satisfaction and business goals.

The Go-To Gang
for Ganja Giants


Whether you’re growing, distributing, retailing, or providing ancillary services in the cannabis world, you need support that’s as potent as your products.

iFive Global specializes in assembling offshore support teams. We’re all about finding the perfect match for your company’s vibe, handling recruitment, payroll, and ensuring your selected staff is engaged and committed to your business.

Choose iFive Global for your staffing needs and guide your business towards greatness.