In recent years, corporate culture has emerged as a critical determinant of success, impacting not only the well-being of employees but also the overall performance and satisfaction of clients. At iFive Global, we understand the pivotal role that a strong and distinctive company culture plays in ensuring that our U.S. clients receive the best possible service. Our approach to team management is grounded in values of fairness, collaboration, respect, honesty, and acknowledgement. This commitment to fostering a nurturing and vibrant culture directly translates into a more efficient, happier, and highly productive team, delivering exceptional results to our clients. Read on to learn more about the unique facets of our corporate culture.

Elements of the iFive Global Employee Experience

At iFive Global, the first thing you’ll notice is the team-oriented atmosphere. It’s a far cry from the traditional legal process outsourcing environments that often feel impersonal and cold. This nurturing atmosphere is just the beginning though.

Our High-Touch Recruitment Process

Our elevated recruitment experience ensures that employees feel valued from day one, beginning with our high-impact onboarding process. New employees are welcomed with a carefully curated tote of goodies that symbolizes iFive Global’s culture. Goody tote contents include an umbrella (to protect them from the persistent rain in the Philippines), sustainable utensils, a tumbler, and a mousepad, so they instantly feel part of the team.

An Unparalleled Work Environment

We take tremendous pride in providing an engaging and stimulating work environment for our team members. State-of-the-art facilities are designed to enhance work satisfaction, providing employees with the tools and infrastructure they need to excel. Even the coffee served is a step above the rest. Offering premium, freshly-ground coffee may seem like a small detail, but it matters to our employees. It’s a symbol of the care and attention to detail that permeates our corporate culture.

Creative Employee Engagement

Engagement activities are an essential part of iFive Global’s culture. We understand that keeping spirits high is crucial for productivity and employee satisfaction. Ishi and Iko, our beloved mascots, play a significant role in the company’s culture. We also support our team spirit by offering extracurricular interest clubs for our employees, such as iVolunteer, iCreate, iEntrp, and i-Fit where our team can shine through group activities with like-minded team members. These culture-building aspects encourage positivity and contribute to a harmonious space, adding a unique and endearing dimension to the workplace.

Direct Communication and Transparency

One of the most significant departures from traditional legal outsourcing firms is the accessibility and transparency of our iFive Global leadership team. This nurtures a sense of belonging and openness among employees. It creates an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued, ultimately leading to a more efficient, productive, and happy team – which directly translates to client satisfaction.

iFive Global encourages a unique policy of direct client-employee interactions. This practice isn’t just about serving clients; it’s about personal learning and growth and development for employees. This direct communication ensures that employees truly understand their clients’ needs and can deliver exceptional service. The impact of this open and transparent approach is evident in team performance and client satisfaction.

iFive Global Is #decidedlydifferent

At the heart of iFive Global’s distinctive culture is a people-first approach. Unlike other organizations that may prioritize the bottom line over the well-being of their employees, iFive Global understands that a thriving workplace culture begins with the people who make it come alive. They place their employees’ needs, aspirations, physical and mental health, and happiness at the forefront of their mission. By focusing on their team members as the driving force behind their success, iFive Global has created a work environment, guided by the iFive Global core values, where employees feel valued, engaged, and holistically cared for, fostering a culture that benefits both the workforce and their clients.

This culture comes through loud and clear in various and creative ways. Whether it is their employees sharing their self-care best practices or getting giddy while creating a fifth anniversary celebration video or enjoying free ice cream on Fridays, the above-and-beyond employee retention and engagement practices that iFive Global has made part of their standard operations have had a powerful team-building impact.

Experience the Impacts of a Highly Engaged Legal Outsourcing Workforce

iFive Global’s distinctive culture and practices are influencing changes in the legal process outsourcing industry. Their commitment to creating a nurturing, open, and diverse workplace sets them apart from traditional service providers. These differences have a profound impact on their employees’ well-being, their leadership’s effectiveness, and the satisfaction of their clients. As they continue to break norms and redefine standards, iFive Global is poised to lead the way in legal process outsourcing.

Experience a New Standard in Legal Outsourcing with iFive Global