Quality over quantity – 3 words that have been a game-changer for organizations that are looking to differentiate themselves from a customer service perspective. This is especially true when it comes to law firms and the high demands and expectations placed on their staff members. The same argument for quality over quantity is often erroneously used to negate the potential of offshore legal staffing.

With a growing list of specializations that are becoming commonplace requirements in the legal space – including intake specialists and case managers, among other roles – it is easy to stretch existing staff thin. Many firms are hiring staff and then expecting them to perform a range of duties that are beyond their scope of expertise, which invariably leads to burnout. There are very real reasons behind these unfortunate law firm customer service statistics:

  • 40% of prospective clients who fill out a web form or leave a voicemail have to wait several days to hear back from a firm.
  • Less than 10% of customers who call their firm actually get to speak to a lawyer.
  • Over 10% of callers will hang up in frustration within 10 seconds of calling a law firm.

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid the burnout while still delivering superior customer experience.

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Unleashing the Potential of Offshore Legal Staffing

Outsourcing can significantly support the employee’s workplace satisfaction and contribute to delivering superior customer service for law firms.

Legal process outsourcing helps with building a team of specialists, rather than generalists

By delegating repetitive tasks and outsourcing back-office support, legal professionals can enhance their productivity and efficiency, resulting in improved service delivery and client satisfaction. This shift enables the legal specialists to devote more time and attention to their specialized legal tasks, as well as higher-value activities, such as nurturing client relationships, developing strategic initiatives, and handling complex legal work.

Broadening your firm’s support

Furthermore, outsourcing provides law firms with the opportunity to acquire support staff without the cost of hiring additional full-time employees. Offshore teams can specialize in specific functions, like lien negotiation or demand writers, allowing you to expand your capabilities in a controlled way.

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Accommodating your growth speed

In addition, legal process outsourcing offers a sustainable and controlled way to grow, which is crucial for law firms to adapt to varying workloads. The ability to scale operations up based on demand ensures that the firm’s workforce remains manageable and productive. During peak periods or when facing an unexpected surge in workload, law firms can rely on their outsourced partners to swiftly accommodate the increased volume of tasks. As a result, both the employee experience and customer service are positively impacted, ensuring a sustainable and efficient work environment.

How Outsourcing Amplifies Employee Performance

There are several proven ways in which legal outsourcing heightens employee performance:

  • Enhanced employee productivity – with the burden of administrative and routine tasks lifted, in-house lawyers can focus on their areas of expertise, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Employee reinvestment – the (potentially substantial) cost savings generated from outsourcing can be reinvested back into enhanced employee compensation packages and professional development opportunities.
  • Increased job satisfaction – a manageable workload can lead to lower stress levels, less burnout, and higher job satisfaction, which in turn boosts morale, productivity, and overall firm employee retention rates.
  • Improved quality of work – providing in-house lawyers with increased time to spend on complex, substantive legal work (as opposed to routine tasks) results ultimately in higher quality deliverables.

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Take the Next Step in Empowering Your Staff

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